Global-macro cross-asset strategist

You will be part of a team building out a new strategy research product aimed at the firm’s expanding buy-side client base. You will report directly into the Head of Macro Strategy and be in a prime client facing position. As a senior member of the team, you will (within a few months) be able to independently develop ideas, take lead responsibility for authorising reports and provide full cover and back-up for the Head of Macro Strategy (on developed markets).

You will be looking at global markets from a top-down global-macro perspective and should have the ability to provide a coherent macro-based world-view. Specifically, you will demonstrate the ability to provide strategy views consistent with Oxford Economics house macro views.

You have a flair for good writing and are a confident presenter who enjoys pitching macro-strategy / asset-allocation views to clients and can build strong client relationships over time.

Your responsibilities will include

· Global macro-strategy research (a multi-asset focus is key)

· Identifying top-down macro-strategy themes and high-conviction views

· Writing analytical reports and pitching investment themes / ideas to clients

· Interacting with clients/prospects, presenting at client events

· Providing full cover/back-up for Head of Strategy on developed markets when required

The profile, orientation and skills that you will bring to the team include

· 5+ years’ experience in macro-strategy research / asset management or similar with a core focus on developing investment ideas / themes

· Strong interest in top-down macro strategy with a coherent analytical approach.

· First-rate academic training with a degree in economics – CFA, a top Master’s in Finance or a PhD will help you stand out. Familiarity with the core asset-pricing literature (Fama-French, Campbell-Shiller, etc) will be a distinct advantage

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